October 1, 2019

"Finding a sober living home that is experienced and knows what they are doing is difficult. These men are dedicated to their core to help those suffering from addiction. The homes are large, well thought out as far as making the peer feel safe. They have programs to assist them in acclimating to life without substances. I highly recommend Tribe Recovery, my son felt right at home and felt hope for the first time. Thomas and Daniel are warriors, they will advocate for them and steer them in the direction of a healthy life. I see someone left a negative review, but I'm sure he felt the need to vent"
September 18, 2019

"I wanted to send my sincere appreciation for the sober escort service that we received for my daughter about a month ago. It was quite the challenge as both my wife and I are currently deployed overseas and had no resources in the Denver area to help my daughter. I contacted Tribe Recovery and after speaking with Jeff, who was well versed in the Denver proceedings and knew exactly who to contact and the best way to proceed. He picked up my daughter (and her dog), drove them both to San Antonio and checked her in to the rehab facility. We received prompt updates throughout the night as to how she was doing, their location and their expected arrival time. As if this wasn't enough, Jeff has continued to reach out to check on her since. His consideration for not only my daughters well being, but also our obvious concerns about her recovery is "on point" and is a testament of Tribe Recovery services. Please pass on our appreciation to Jeff. His compassion for helping others is more than a job, it's who he is! Thanks Jeff!!!"
July 5, 2019

"I have been talking to Jeffrey who so far has made this a great experience. I am looking forward to see what the future brings. Will keep you updated."
June 27, 2019

"My name is Kyle and I wanted people to know that Tribe Recovery Sober Living is absolutely outstanding. They are definitely the best sober living that Colorado has to offer. I am a chronic relapser and it's not that they have looked past that and allow it to happen but they have always helped me get back on my feet and had open arms and are willing to help. You will not find a place for recovery that is better in this state or probably even in the United States. If you have mental health and or addiction problems and are looking to get treatment while still living in the regular Community this is the place to be."
May 21, 2019

"This place saved my life! I was homeless and in the hospital from an overdose when I got the word that Thomas and Jeffery were pulling some strings to get me into the program. Since then I have slowly but surely got my life back together and it was solely because I had a safe and sober place to live to get my life back together. Thank you Tribe Recovery for being there when I finally hit rock bottom. Without you I do t believe I would be alive to tell this story."
Tribe Recovery Homes Inc.