Sober Living Homes in Aurora, CO

Breaking the cycle of addiction starts with having the right environment. Tribe Recovery Homes Inc. understands the critical importance of a clean, safe, substance-free residence. It’s why we provide rooms and amenities to those pursuing a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life, free of addiction.

More than just a sober house in Aurora, CO, we provide a structured environment that helps you get back on your feet. Our properties are managed by experienced house managers, who take care of daily activities and protocols for all residents. From reminding you of meetings to arranging transportation, we’re committed to helping you take control of your life in a positive way.


Before entering sober housing in Aurora, CO, we assess the condition and situation of prospective tenants. We do this to ensure you’re placed in a living situation that’s supportive of you. This also gives us a chance to get to know the people we’re helping and to help you feel like you’re understood. We make sure your voice is heard. We are available 24/7 to schedule an initial assessment.

The assessment phase is also an opportunity for us to provide you with a rundown of our housing rules. We put everything in the simplest terms, so there’s no confusion about expectations. This is a crucial final step before placement.


We currently have 4 properties throughout the Denver Metro area, homing residents who are all on their way to recovery. We’ll place you in a living situation that’s comfortable, welcoming and judgment-free, with a supervisor who will help you get acclimated.

From helping you move in and set up, to coordinating services for you (intervention, court advocacy, transportation, etc.), we aim to do right by you. There’s always hope and the right fit for anyone willing to seek help for addiction.


Montbello House is a tri-level home with five bedrooms and eight beds. Near I-70 and Chambers Rd. in the city of Denver, CO.


Thornton House is a tri-level home with five bedrooms and eight beds. Near Washington St. and 80th Ave. in the city of Thornton, CO.


Highland House is a two-story home with four bedrooms and five beds. Near Bryant St. and Speer Blvd. in the city of Denver, CO.

Aurora House 1

Aurora House 2

Honor House

Tribe Recovery Services

During your stay with us, you’ll have access to a broad range of Tribe Recovery Services. These services are designed to help prevent relapse and to help you in situations where you have nowhere else to turn.

If you’ve decided to take steps toward sober living and get the help you need to break the cycle of addiction, please contact Tribe Recovery Homes at 720-608-7423.