Recovery Services in Aurora, CO

Our main objective is to provide effective recovery methods for safe passage for you or your loved one. We don’t use the terms clients, patients, or referrals. We are very close to the heartbeat of addiction/alcoholism. Referring to every person as “PEER” for the fact we meet everyone on the level they are in during their active use and or continuing their recovery journey.

This is crucial to be effective by way of using love, empathy and respect. Most importantly having knowledge of the streets is key to this destitute state that is associated with this disease. Our professionals know this period of their lives very well. In fact, all of Tribe Recovery Services employees are in recovery themselves and work very hard to show our community a better way of life. Freedom from active addiction.


Intervention is the most important and crucial process of early recovery. With empathy and patience, our interventionists:

  • Help guide the peer’s friends and family through the procedure of setting up the intervention.
  • Educate the peer on treatment options.
  • Navigate the struggling peer and his/her support through enrollment into a treatment center.

Intervention is the most important and crucial process of early recovery. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule an initial assessment. Tribe Recovery Services performs interventions in all 50 states and internationally.

Denver Metro Area $1,500/day flat rate
Outside Denver Metro $2,500/day plus expenses
Recovery Services

Sober Escort/Transport

Our Sober Escort/Transports assist peers from their location of the intervention, detox facility, or treatment centers and care providers.

We are very familiar with the uncertainty associated with the decision to admit oneself, family member, or peer to an addiction treatment center.

The Tribe Recovery Sober Escorts/ Transports are very experienced in addressing concerns or fears during this period in the peer’s recovery.

  • All of our staff has multiple years in recovery and have found positive and proactive solutions in their own lives.
  • They are seasoned recovery advocates and professionals with the life experience that translates from the streets to well-versed recovery tools to accompany peers on their journey, helping make sure they arrive safely and comfortably to the designated destination.
COST $150/hr or $1,500/day
(whichever is less) plus expenses
Recovery Services


A sober companion is usually used for early stages of recovery prior to assisting him or her to the interventionist, treatment center, and/or recovery group.

  • Sober companions work closely with the peer and the selected professionals to further their recovery journey.
  • They are not clinical professionals or 12-step sponsors.

This recovery service can also apply in the event of relapse at any stage of the peer’s recovery journey.

COST $150/hr or $1,500/day
(whichever is less) plus expenses
Recovery Services


A recovery coach, also known as a peer mentor or peer coach, is a person who:

  • Guides a peer in the fundamentals of recovery
  • Understands the many obstacles throughout the journey of recovery and the resources available to the peers they are working with.
  • Assists individuals in working towards sustainable recovery in a natural environment.
  • Helps the peer become connected and engaged not only to the recovery community but to society, ultimately setting a strategy to live a positive and proactive new life.
COST $50/hr or $1,000 25 hrs/month
Recovery Services

Assessment and Placement

Tribe Recovery Services takes a very deep and hard look at the situation of each individual peer. Our resource data bank is nationwide and we pride ourselves on setting right professional team needed for every situation.

  • We only work with licensed and ethical treatment centers, detoxes and sober homes needed to provide quality care for each peer.
  • At the same time, we are well versed on providing quality care for each peer’s financial status regardless of insurance. “THE LIVES OF THE PEER COMES FIRST.”

There is always hope and the right fit for anyone willing to seek help for this insidious disease of addiction/alcoholism.

Recovery Services