About Us

Tribe Recovery Homes LLC was established in March of 2018. We provide a comfortable and clean-living environment for all our residents. All the homes are alcohol and drug free settings with monitoring and prevention. We provide a safe, secure and confidential place for the men to live in. We offer programs and services to all the residents who are on their way to recovery, services include but are not limited to intervention, court advocacy and transportation. We currently have properties throughout the Denver Metro area including Aurora, Montbello, Thornton, Highlands, and Commerce City We have experienced house managers that take care of the daily activities and protocols for the residents. We provide recovery-based homes that encourage service work and attendance to all types of programs like (AA, CA, NA, HA). We consider it our place in the community to be active and respectful in all our endeavors.

About UsThomas Hernandez is the President and CEO of Tribe Recovery Homes. He is also the President and CEO of Tribes Recovery Services. He has established himself with several government agencies at both the local and national level. Thomas Hernandez came from a life of heavy addiction and confusion. As a very young child turned to substance abuse, gangs and crime for over 24 years of his life. Being imprisoned and lost for years to finding his bottom. It was time for a complete change. In the last few years he has removed himself from the destructive life he knew and has completely dedicated his life to reform and recovery. Everything attributed to the raining/support of the recovery community throughout the United States. He has a non-stop passion, drive and dedication to preserve the lives of addicts through accountability, desire, determination and willingness to change.

About Us
Daniel Singer is our Director of Operations. As a Peer Support Specialist, his personal battle with addiction is what he brings to the table. Utilizing his knowledge of the CCAR Recovery Coach Certification, he helps clients see over the mountain of addiction down to the other side to recovery.

About UsJeff Riley is a person living in long term recovery. He entered the Circle program- a state funded addiction and recovery program in Colorado, which Riley credits as having saved his life, citing its addressing substance use disorder, mental health, and post-traumatic stress.
Experienced Recovery Advocate with history of working in the recovery fields Mr. Riley is also a Peer Recovery Coach, Skilled in Innovative Development, Client Education, Innovation Management, Client Relations

Joanna Michael
Joanna Michael is an author with a strong background in executive support and marketing. Citing recovery and healing as a non-liner, evolving journey, her book, I hope this finds you well, is a collection of poetry on eating disorders, addiction, mental illness, healing and personal growth. I hope this finds you well is a therapeutic collection geared toward the journey of emotional healing and self-love for those who have built homes in the wilderness of broken hearts and addictive behaviors.